About Us

Premier Health Academy is the only physician supervised medical technical school in NJ who help students become certified phlebotomist through the national healthcareer association in 7 short weeks.

Our teachers are highly trained individuals who are either physicians, RNS, LPN or Medical assistant with at least 5 year of experience. We believe in providing quality training with the help of highly professional faculty.

New courses are coming up. Stay tuned!

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About Us

Why Choose Premier Health Academy?


Premier Health Academy has become students’ choice to start their phlebotomy career. We are striving for excellence. There are various places that are offering similar courses, but there are many noteworthy points that distinguish our programs from other institutes’ programs.


We Offer Shorter Courses

Our courses allow you to get into the practical field within the shortest time. You do not have to spend years or months getting trained. We will ensure that you cover all the important aspects within a short course of 7 weeks. You will receive a certification from NHA after you complete the course successfully.


We Do Not Compromise on Quality

Our courses are shorter, but there is no compromise on the quality delivered to students. These courses teach all basic and necessary techniques within the designated periods, and we produce highly skilled professionals who are ready to cope with the challenges of practical field.


We Ensure Internships

Once you complete your training, the internship has a great role in finding you your dream job. Premier Health Academy has a partnership with many clinics and laboratories where you can start your internship after completion of the course. WE GUARANTEE AN INTERNSHIP!


We Consider Your Availability

We are offering two different programs at the moment that are designed according to the availability of students. First, the classes are in the evening to allow you enough time for some job or another course. Second, there are walk-in and one-on-one course to cater to your needs. Also, we are coming up with an online course to allow you to learn from home.


We have Highly Competent Trainers

We ensure quality training by providing highly professional and competent teachers. Your trainers will be there to answer your questions and correct your mistakes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce well-trained and professional phlebotomist who can perform well in different clinical setups without any difficulty. We aspire to achieve excellence and provide the best possible education for our students. Our goal is to equip our students with knowledge, skills, professionalism, and empathy.


Our Vision

We aspire to attain excellence in training and produce highly professional and well-trained phlebotomists who have the ability to serve humanity under all circumstances without any discrimination. We want to exceed people’s expectations in providing quality education and wish to expand the scope of our services in the coming years to accommodate more students. Equipping unemployed people with skills is our priority.